Jack Decides That He Wants To Be a Millionaire...

Jack decides that he wants to be a millionaire, but seeing no immediate way to achieve this goal, he decides to pray to God instead.

Everyday he prays the same prayer:

Dear Lord, please let me win the lottery! I promise to give a tenth of my winnings to the church, a tenth of the winnings to the poor, and a tenth to starving children in Africa. Amen.

Weeks pass, but despite his fervent praying, Jack is still as poor as ever. Finally, feeling a bit perturbed that God seems to be ignoring him, Jack prays again:

Dear Lord, I've been praying for weeks now that you'd let me win the lottery. I've even pledged 30% of my winnings to do good deeds, but I've haven't gotten a dime! Don't you want to help me help others?

Suddenly, a booming voice calls down from heaven.

Jack! Meet me halfway, man! Buy a lottery ticket!

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