Star Wars Photo Caption: My Only Hope

Star Wars.com posts a weekly feature called Communications Disruption that uses file or fan submitted pictures. Users of the site are urged to submit their own funny captions for the image. This week's list of captions goes along with a woman in a Princess Leia costume at an ATM machine.

Star Wars: Captions | My Only Hope

This ATM unit has a bad motivator! (The Stooge)

Our first cash of the day. (Sol Kassar)

My father will know how to retrieve it. (xwingblue4)

It's an older PIN code, but it checks out. I was going to give her cash. Should I hold it? (snowdog83)

What do you mean Republic Credits are no good here?! (Darth RAYder 327)

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, I'm completely broke. (Nosaj Eel)

Negative $13?? This is my most desperate hour. (Sol Kassar)

Leia keeps an eye out for scruffy looking nerf-herders. (rwinningham74)

Now we find out if those PIN numbers are worth the price we paid. (Manitsas)

Turns out Obi-Wan wasn't her only hope. (littlethree)

Star Wars: Community | Photo CaptionsIf you find this as funny as I do and you want to try your hand at this week's contest for captions, head over to StarWars.com | Photo Captions.

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  1. **Im finding it hard to comunicate with this droid ,help me obi one ,help**