Alligator Love

My friend Bryan F. contributed the following crude joke over instant message last month. It's a little crass, but that's Bryan for you.

So, I'm watching the Animal Channel and they have this female alligator and they are talking about what female alligators do to attract a mate. The nice lady animal handler just said and I quote, It's quite a beautiful display. But if the male alligator doesn't like her, he will eat her.

That's strange. I thought that meant you like the girl, but I could be wrong. The animal handler had that look on her face people get when they say something they know will get taken out of context. My only thought was Sister, you'd better be glad I'm not doing the interview.

I think we are all glad that Bryan wasn't doing the interview. Check out more about Bryan at www.myspace.com/bryanfarr.

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