Chipping a Nail, Condoms & Maxi Pads

Here's another one from Bryan Farr.

If you chip a nail while you're typing is that the same as biting your tongue when you're talking?

Heh. Bryan claims he only steals jokes from other people. My theory is that there really are no new jokes out there in the world. However, everyone latches on to certain jokes that match their personality and they refilter and retell them so they seem new. For instance, to my knowledge I've never heard this one, also from Bryan.

The Condom said to the Maxi Pad, Every month you screw up my job for a week!

The Maxi Pad turned to the Condom and said, Well, if you fail at your job I lose mine for 9 months, so we're even!

Groan... Thanks Bryan. Please send me more when they come to you.

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